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QR Code for smartphones and tablets to link to this websiteAs well as being extremely patient, Jane has a friendly, flexible approach to ICT training.  Computer lessons are tailored to suit the client, whether they are complete beginners, professionals, job seekers, career improvers, "silver surfers", PC or MAC users, in their home or office.

Jane has prepared many courses/lessons, but often a client will prefer a 'troubleshooting' session, selecting specific items that they require assistance with. Jane is quite happy to do this.  However, for those wishing to learn a subject more thoroughly it is recommended that they select from the course list. Jane has constructed each course so that, in the vast majority of cases, it is completed within two to three hours (depending on the client and on the course). Most clients learning at home have lessons of two hours duration, whereas corporate clients tend to have half or full days.

Clear jargon free handouts are provided with the set courses.  Jane demonstrates and explains every step, referring to the course hand-outs where appropriate.  She then assists the client as they carry out each step themselves.

Jane is based in Aylesbury and covers much of Buckinghamshire and neighbouring areas (see map). Please note that she does not cover London, the rest of the UK, the USA or indeed Australia!

Are skill shortages holding your company back? Don't wait months for a course to come along, book a date that suits you now!

For links to some great software (much of which is FREE) and some very useful websites visit the Software page. 

Computer Tuition Vouchers make an excellent birthday or Christmas gift. Vouchers

How to spot a hoax email (opens as a PDF)  If you can't open it download Adobe reader (free) or see the Software page for alternative PDF readers.

Hoax telephone calls - please be aware that Microsoft will not phone you.  If a caller says they are anything to do with Microsoft or that you have a computer problem, please hang up.  Several clients have been caught out by this hoax call which has been around for a few years now, but is still continuing, so be aware!  Do not let anyone gain remote control of your computer.

If you or someone you know has difficulty seeing or hearing web page content then the 'How To' Accessibility Guides from the BBC can be extremely useful.

Donate your used laptops or tablets to help school children. There are charities across the country who will safely wipe devices of personal data and link up with schools in your area to ensure that they reach the young people that need the devices the most. BBC Make A Difference explains more.

Age UK Digital Champion.   Donate your old PC. If you have a working PC or laptop sitting in your house gathering dust and taking up space, why not donate it to Age UK?  Age UK know that your old PC may have personal, private information on it, so they guarantee to wipe it clean and securely remove all details to internationally approved standards. They also clean, test and then install Microsoft software to get the PC ready for a new home and all for a worthy cause. The proceeds of your donation will directly support Age UK's vital work. All they need is the working PC tower or laptop, along with the accessories that make up the computer, but they are unable to accept any screens, monitors or other equipment.  You can take your old PC to many Age UK shops - please check with your local shop to make sure that they can accept them. You can find your nearest shop by using the search box on the Age UK website.

Is your computer protected? - Visit www.getsafeonline.org for information.

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